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Privacy Policy

1. This site does not collect or collect and process personal data specified in law. 
2. If the user of this website wants to obtain information from the operator or administrator, all you need to do is enter your email address and any nickname that is not your name.
3. E-mail addresses are used only for contacts in the area of ​​interest of both parties.  These addresses are not used for advertising purposes and are not entered into any advertising database. These addresses are not shared with strangers. The above rule also applies to business phone numbers. If e-mail correspondence does not apply to official matters or disputes, civil law agreements or other agreements that may reach the courts, correspondence is deleted after 30 days from the end of contacts. 
4. No data is processed automatically and are not registered in foreign databases.
5. This site does not collect data about Internet users’ IP addresses and does not personally track IP addresses.  However, we are not responsible for tracking IP addresses by advertising modules of advertisers and Google. 
6. The website uses data from visits collected by Google Analytics and other analysts in the general range of visits and visits.  For these purposes, a common Cookie system is used. The user, if he wants to use the information of these websites must automatically agree to it. You can not use these websites by negating the cookies on the websites – you should leave the pages of this website immediately. Problems with cookie files can be explained with the help of Google and producers of web browsers. 
7. Any collected data is used only for purposes related to the functioning of the portal and is not transferred to third parties.